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nu porneste jocul ce fac

What game engine did you use to make this game?

love the game


You could easily get a Dollar Shave Club sponsorship outta this lol.



Gameplay Brazilian


you need to get something im sad :(


I figured out how to get in

Your computer is broken misterxpanda

Someone help when i login the screen flashes the normal colors than green.


how do you get into the game?

how do i change settings of the game ?!

Not bad, get's a bit repetitive and the rating  system is kind of unclear



It wont let me download the game


Right Right Right ,  I'll press the Download Button


will it virus me?


Yes .... :)))))))




can someone help me im confused on how to run it.



Do somebody know where i can find songs which are in the game?

the funniest thing is the lets play link 



It was decent,  the only thing, unless I'm missing something.. there's no "quit" option that I could see so I alt-f4'd out on windows.. and I would kind of like to turn the music off, I couldn't find a way to do it.. only reason I even wanted that was because I was watching something while toying with it, sometimes it would be nice to mute in-game music without having to go out of the game and muting everything :) 

I'm a fan of Jack, but I didn't find you from that.. I just  started scouring  myself after updating my gaming system.. happened upon this .. thumbs up!

You can quit by hitting the pause button on the bottom left side of the screen while on your next customer. You can turn down the music and stuff in options or hit main menu to got to the menu. You can quit from there.

this is amazing when i watched jacksepticeye when he played it and it was funny so im playing it now.

Did a let's play of this game - it was  fun but I was soooo annoyed that I couldn't shave a patch without cutting the dude's ear. 


I watched Jacksepticeye play it and it was hilarious! Huge fan of him, wanted to check it out, I did, loved it!

cant play idk why

Quicker download is my expectation for everything I dowload. I was very board waiting for it to download and install. When it was finally in the system ,I didn't even want to play it

I downloaded this game and have been playing for around half an hour now, and I feel I've done everything there is to do. I'm aware it's a simulator and there's not meant to be endless fun content, but I expected a little more. 

My main issue encompasses two in one. Firstly, there's no proper instruction as to what the different meters mean. The player can assume what each of them mean, but I still have no idea what the second meter means. There have been times I've taken longer to complete a shave and been awarded a higher score for that meter, and there have been times I've tested a super quick shave and gotten a low score. 

Secondly, if it IS a speed meter, I feel that it puts far too much pressure on the player to rush shaves. This is a simulator, and it's a short game. You need to allow players to get as much out of the game as they can. Encouraging players to "complete" the game as quickly as possible only goes against you as a developer. 

My advice would be to get rid of the grading altogether. Keep the immersion, and have the customer leave a tip based on back-end performance checks. One of the biggest draws of this game for me is the feel of the place, and having a big score sheet at the end of every shave just breaks that feeling for me. 

With all the above being said, this has fantastic potential. Tweak/remove the "speed" meter, increase immersion, and really push the 40's/50's American aesthetic. 

how can i change the audio lvls. it wont let me in game. where can i change them in the .ini files

i cant run this game! Please Please fix it

the only game on earth that is awesome cause it feels like im sweeny Todd lol. just a down right fun game.

At one point, I understood that if I did awful beard but quick, I got better grades... so I just cut randomly. 

The idea is really cool but the control not so much so I can recommend to give it a try and see for yourself :3

i cant run this game because my processor is old so pls tell me how cn i run it...

i dont know how to start start the game

where is the game after the download

its in the downloads name .tbs

and its all u can install it from there

you go in your files you put dowloands an the you go to find him

There should be 'RCTN_Data'
folder next to the executablecan you fix it, please

shit it didn't work crap

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