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How do you play with a chromebook??

gg network defected

gg network defected

gg network defected

Love the Zappa reference! 

this game isis 

Played this game a while back but never actually recorded it. 

Game is really nice rly enjoyed trimming the beards and making new beard styles. 

It's interesting to see if you have a low end PC eyebrows don't show up, but still the gameplay is fun! :D 

Game looks great but whenever I try to play it it takes a really long time to load and slows my computer down a bunch, and when it's finally done loading the screen looks all glitched out and flashes with light purple and yellow or green and black making it completely unplayable. I tried closing it and re opening it, didn't work, I tried changing the settings in some way, didn't work. No idea why this happens, it's really disappointing.

I have the same problem, has anyone figured out how to fix it?

no anda el juego es una mierda  este juego


where is the makeup cosmetics for men and why we are portrayed so ugly and disgusting in the game , i just cant find an beauty man because some people think that beauty is only for woman , that creepy  beauty is for me too as a man , stop portrayng me in games  in a ugly disgusting gross way


why are you so triggered lmao the game is not supposed to be all cute and pretty. actually stfu men aren't 'portrayed so ugly and disgusting', you probably just think that because you're portrayed as that. get a hold of yourself, meninist trash. 

Honestly shut up




this game is trash

no u


I wish I could play this but It's laggy on my pc, tried to delete some things but it was still laggy as hell. I sure will play this in the future when I get a new pc. Saw some lets plays and it looks really good!

:> this is the face my sister can make



why is this taking SOOO FUCKING LONG TO DOWNLOAD.....

do you have wireless internet if so it takes a long tim to download


why is this taking SOOO FUCKING LONG TO DOWNLOAD.....

im sad you cant play it on mac

Wow, I wasn't expecting this to be as fun and absorbing as it is!


how do you play it once you download it

click the folder right click TBS and select extract all

then click the game when its done extracting



i never played it it takes to long to download


I love this game soooo much!!

(1 edit) (+1)

I just found this game while watching lazerbeam and I thought is was cool, so now I am playing it.


this game is not hard as it seems but some levels are but is a good game love it

need help

can't work properly on mac

this is challenging

how do you play this I'm having trouble

i like playing this game but i wish a have beared :(

nu porneste jocul ce fac

What game engine did you use to make this game?

love the game



You could easily get a Dollar Shave Club sponsorship outta this lol.



Gameplay Brazilian


you need to get something im sad :(


I figured out how to get in

Your computer is broken misterxpanda

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