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great potential

how to shave?


it wont let me play how u play

dang, for a team of design students this game looks phenomenal, the fact that this game looks better than games that are produced by people with 14 years of experience and sell their games is amazing, tbh I'm surprised this isn't a paid game due to the quality of the graphics


Stage 1 - 11. Please start a kickstarter for a full version because I'd very much like to cut hair and talk shit with my barber....


Please Help Me How Can I Shave HELP ME


Finally I can give people the Hi... Chaplin moustache!

Not too bad. Looks and Sounds nice...


this game whould be good in vr


please reduce the mb even a little bit i wasted my wifi because of this one thing the download always stop at 299mb while i have a very strong wifi that can even download something that is up to  106GB so i discovered that it was not my wifi fult it was the app it keeps saying network error network error when i click resume it will go 1mb ahead and it will say forbidden so pls pls pls pls and pls fix it i had to sweat when i downloaded it so i want to download it again


this game is od


bruh why cant we cut the hair only shave

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It needs details

Visit us hope you enjoy :)


This game needs a graphics option. This game runs like ass and it's difficult to play this at all.


wow! this game is truly the best graphic game ive ever played!

how to shave

if you have a muse you can play but if not no



goood game


how to download the game



what do you mean your trolling right


this is apic game


i voti sono cattivi


Hello, I am writing to you because I want to tell you that your game is awesome and very delirious is that I have a lot of fun on my lives with the viewers I would like to know how much your game will cost for the final version? and why not add your games on the steam launcher (many people will be interested in your games).


Oh good god, I tried to turn the music off and jesus christ... I realized too late that pressing the button on the bottom left where the music box is starts more songs but doesn't end the ones playing first. So before I knew it, there were about 6 or maybe more songs playing ontop of one another until it was just painful. Might want to fix that. Regardless, I enjoyed the game to some extent but there were some bugs that made it hard to continue. I love the concept and the gameplay is fun so it was a bit sad since some of the buttons don't always work corrctly and the game sometimes stops working right. Please update this so I can play more with fewer bugs!


How do I even shave?


Does anyone know where I can find the music from this game?


Google 1930s music. One of the songs "Crazy People" is by "Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra" circa 1931.


The controls don't even work


how do you actually play the game like weres the play button


I dont know how to download


me either


thank you!



how do you play


It VERY BADLY needs a graphics setting so that my controls can actually be responsive. 

how do i move the blade?

This game is very cool! It feels like I am a real Barber! Keep up the good work :D

good gme


This game has good potential but the controls are horrific, most of the time it doesnt always shave where you want it to. Also, you just keep doing the same shave over and over again so the game got quickly boring for me, such a shame!

I got the game to play but the pause and finish buttons don't work no matter how much I click


fortnite uh

you r not even ninja 


The premise is great, if you made the graphics on your own, you are awesome. The style, J. R. Bob Dobbs looking guys in the bottom right, made the art style stick out. 

This game is fun to play for 30 minutes, but then it gets boring. I would love to see this game become a full game, but the whole gameplay repeats after an hour. 

Adding something new everytime would make this game more fun. All of the hair and beard styles repeat after some time, you could add an earthquake after a few days which messes up the hairstyle, your store getting closed down for legal reasons if you do something illegal. Even clown hairstyles, colored hairstyles would be appreciated. Just a little something every week to spice the game up. 

Just add something to consume the player for a long time. These customers faces never get old though. You could leave these evil emotions for extra humor.

If you will expand this game, a lot of people would be interested in playing or replaying this game.

But you probably abandoned this game, the website is down and no updates for a year. Hope you enjoy this game!

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